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On the lookout for a Qualtrics Alternative that ticks all the boxes in your requirement-list? Tired after searching high and low for an alternate survey tool that doesn’t test burn a hole in your pocket? Well, now you have reached the right spot. Let us show you some key points which will make you switch to SurveySparrow as a Qualtrics Alternative!

Here’s why SurveySparrow is the best Qualtrics Alternative

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Say No to Interrogation, Yes to Conversation

If you are fighting hard to keep your eyes open while attending a survey in Qualtrics, there’s something refreshing which SurveySparrow can offer!

The chat-like interface will engage your audience more than ever and precise answers and the higher number of responses submitted are sure to leave you surprised. So you no longer need to interrogate your audience for their feedback with this Qualtrics alternative!

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SurveySparrow offers a messaging experience to the survey users

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Qualtrics offers the clichéd form-filling experience!

Third-Party Integrations to Automate all Your Tasks

Wouldn’t it be awesome if all your favorite apps not only came under the same roof but also hand-in-hand to make all your tasks easy and efficient. Such integrations bring unrestricted levels of automation in all your tasks saving time and effort massively. Why should you settle with the bare minimal options offered by Qualtrics when you can have a broad spectrum of applications?

SurveySparrow Integration with Zapier offers you unlimited options to pick & choose any app and create a web of autonomous tasks flowing fine and smooth.

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SurveySparrow Integration with Zapier offers wide range of apps to connect with

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Qualtrics offers only limited number of apps

Autosave Survey Responses and Prevent any Loss of Survey Data

Say a user is answering your survey and leaves it mid-way due to some reason. When he returns to the survey, he finds that he has to start right from the beginning. If you are using Qualtrics, this is possibly a scenario you may face. This is why Qualtrics urges their users to insert page breaks after a certain number of questions; only the responses in a page gets auto-saved.

If your survey consists of a single page and the user leaves the survey in between, they have to start all over again! You lost a response and also the respondent, right there.

But all your answers are autosaved in SurveySparrow. So rest assured, even if your user takes a coffee break or attends a doorbell in the middle of the survey, the responses are saved intact!

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SurveySparrow autosaves all responses immediately to prevent any data loss

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Qualtrics saves data only within a single page

Recurring Surveys to Automate and Send Out Surveys Periodically

Sending out the same online survey over and over again can be a more-than-exhausting process. In such a case, scheduling and automating periodic surveys is a huge blessing. Recurring Survey feature offered by Surveysparrow allows you to schedule and automate surveys to be sent out at the time, date and day you want. Configure it once, and we will take care of the rest!

Qualtrics lets you schedule surveys at the time you wish, sure yes. But this is a one-time thing and you have to repeat the process whenever you want to send out the same survey again! Uh? We’re still thinking, what difference it would make to your life...

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SurveySparrow has Recurring Surveys.

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Qualtrics doesn’t have Recurring Surveys.

Affordable & accommodating pricing plans to suit all kinds of businesses

Qualtrics names the price based on quote and it starts at a whopping $5000! Shocked? You can relax while you have a look at the pricing plans of SurveySparrow. We want all our customers to get the best with surveys and our online survey software. Hence the pricing is carefully calculated to suit all kinds of needs.

If that’s some relief, even our Enterprise Plan starts at $199! Now that's a deal-sealer Qualtrics alternative.

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That seals the deal, doesn't it?

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Ready to give a try? Switch to SurveySparrow now

We’re sure that we have listed more than one deal-sealer features to you. With a true messaging experience, recurring surveys, integrations, autosaved responses, and an unbeatable pricing, there would be no second guesses with SurveySparrow.

Oh! Wait, did we mention about our expert-engineered templates and 24/7 free support? Don’t be surprised if you are pleasantly greeted by our CEO, to help you out, at times!

Convinced enough that SurveySparrow is a good Qualtrics Alternative? So, what are you waiting for?

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