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Optimized to meet the fast-paced demands and unique needs of the healthcare industry, SurveySparrow helps you improve medical services drastically. We are GDPR compliant and strive to maintain the highest level of data security for your healthcare organization. Increasing patient engagement will help you enhance the overall hospital experience. Monitor the quality of the health services offered,
with the intelligent and relevant surveys of SurveySparrow. Relying solely on HCAHPS surveys is no longer a viable option, especially since it only happens months after an in-patient experience. Create your hospital surveys online or offline and collect information that is reliable with SurveySparrow!

Encourage Patient Feedback For Better Healthcare Outcomes

Improve health care with hospital feedback

Collect relevant patient data

Gather precise and quality data with a quick survey. Apply logic, params, and more to ensure that the right questions are asked to the right people.

Schedule regular check-ups

Use surveys to schedule consultations. Know what your patients prefer and meet their expectations easily. Deliver a hassle-free patient experience through-out.

Gather post-treatment feedback

Aftercare surveys help you understand the quality of the treatment or any other services provided. With automated recurring surveys collect patient data effortlessly.

SurveySparrow for Healthcare Surveys

Set benchmarks for patient experience

Improve the quality of healthcare with hospital surveys. Identify pain points, weed out resource wastage, and more. Doctors, nurses, and other staff are the lifelines of your healthcare organization. Measure how engaged your team is and identify the ones who need support from the administration.

Monitor patient progress closely

The success of medical research relies heavily on the accuracy of the survey responses. Automated recurring surveys and scheduled reports tend to be especially useful while conducting research on new medications or medical technology. Gather insightful data with intuitive surveys.

Collect patient data with pre-appointment survey

Hospitals are a busy place, and automating hospital paperwork helps you to deliver an even more pleasant patient experience. Conduct a pre-appointment study and collect all the necessary patient data such as medical history. This makes the patient data more manageable and easily accessible.

Aggregate and analyze results in seconds

The ultimate aim of conducting hospital surveys is to gather actionable data to help with hospital decision making. While real-time feedback collection process helps you react faster, advance report filters help you dive deeper into the responses and come up with more productive reports.

"Smart, varied and loaded with opportunity for users to share insights they might not otherwise feel comfortable sharing..."

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To deliver the best healthcare, medical institutions need a survey tool that’s not just great, but the best. Know the pulse of your patients and staff with the best survey tool, SurveySparrow!

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