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Client Retention and Brand Positioning for Agencies

The market space is getting crowded and competitive with every passing second. Having the most creative ideas alone cannot help agencies to function smoothly. The need to understand customers and evolve to meet their expectations fostered is a definite game-changer. Time and money play a pivotal role in determining the future of an agency. Every dependency should be met with minimum time and expenses without compromising on the quality.
The success of an agency boils down to how well you manage your clientele and a specialized survey tool for agencies can help you keep adding happy, loyal customers to your client pool.

Collect better answers and grow faster

Measure purchase intent, and more.

Improve brand positioning with insightful reports

Information-rich reports help you learn more about customer expectations and how to exceed them. Using multi-layered filters, SurveySparrow lets you see beyond just numbers.

Measure Customer Loyalty with NPS surveys

Know how loyal your customers are with the ultimate question in NPS surveys. Categorize your customers based on brand loyalty and do the needful to retain them.

Imbibe brand recognition with customized surveys

Add your logo, tagline, colors, and more. Own the surveys created in every sense with highly customizable features and never miss the opportunity to remind your customers of you.

SurveySparrow For Agencies

White label for effortless rebranding

Customize every element in your survey and rebrand it to match your client. Increase your agency’s value proposition by offering a survey that can be truly theirs. You can add custom colors, unique themes, logos, and more.

Evaluate yourself with 360-degree feedback

Agency Relationship Management wins when you have a well-oiled performance management program. Both performance and costs can be directly influenced by making necessary changes in client processes using 360-degree feedback.

Collect quality demographic for your clients

Assist your clients to really know who their customers are and their preferences. This will help you to create and update customer personas. Help your clients build better customer relationships by delivering accurate and insightful predictions.

Build customer loyalty with personalization features

From piping to params, the options to personalize your surveys are many. Avoid the spammy-feel and address them by their first name. Use 360-degree feedback forms to gain feedback from your clients and grow better.

"Smart, varied and loaded with opportunity for users to share insights they might not otherwise feel comfortable sharing..."

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