Share Surveys Easily

Seamlessly share your surveys on multiple channels, and collect feedback from your employees and customers.

Built-in Email Share

Send surveys via email to your mass, target audience at one go with SurveySparrow’s built-in email platform. You can customize the content of the email survey and offer a personal experience to your respondents. What makes it more interesting is when you send an email, each person gets a unique link which helps you easily track their responses.

Unique Link Sharing

Analyze your surveys effortlessly. SurveySparrow lets you create different links for the same survey whenever you share it. By sharing unique links in different channels, you can easily segregate responses that come from each segment or channel.

Trigger Automated Surveys

Send automated surveys to your targeted audience. With SurveySparrow’s Recurring Surveys you can set automated surveys, which will hit your audience’s inbox. You can quickly schedule the date and time. This will help reduce valuable man hours and lets you focus on your job.

Easy Social Share

Maximize reach with easy social share options. You can quickly share surveys to your social channels in the likes of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google Plus, and get as much as responses you want.

Embed Surveys on Webpages

Now you can embed surveys on your website. With Embedded Surveys you can collect data-driven insights from your websites, understand customers’ needs, and improve their experience.

SMS Option

Trigger surveys to the configured mobile numbers of respondents. Your audience receives an SMS containing the survey link with the SMS share option. In this manner, provide unmatched flexibility to your survey takers and consequently, witness the spike in your survey completion rates.

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