Case Management

Raise, organize, prioritize & resolve tickets.
Set different tasks into motions, ensure every
response is accounted for, and close the loop, in style!

Power up your close-the-loop program

Channel responses into tickets

Convert responses into & route it to the right team member to prompt immediate actions, seamlessly. No missed interactions!

Close the loop, smartly

Share private notes, and deliver the best resolution.
Build customer happiness, together.

Shared inbox for all

Run multiple surveys, feedback programs, and consolidate the entire history of interactions with your respondents, like the inbox of your email.

Provide solutions in real-time

Reach out to your respondents in their inbox, collaborate with your team members, & initiate conversations, for faster ticket resolution.

Our customers love us. Want to know why?

"Smart, varied and loaded with opportunity for users to share insights they might not otherwise feel comfortable sharing..."

SurveySparrow powers your Surveys

powers your Surveys

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