How Deloitte Digital effortlessly de-cluttered their data collection

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Alex Healy

Digital Producer, Heat + Deloitte Digital

About the Company

A one-of-its-kind creative digital consultancy was born when Heat—the award-winning advertising agency—combined their creative chops with the powerful Deloitte platform in February 2016.

Heat is an internationally recognized creative agency that brings powerful, brilliant, and creative ideas to life. While Heat has fine-tuned the power of surprise to capture and sustain authentic engagement, Deloitte Digital brings strategic excellence, data-driven insight, and operational experience to the mix.

The conventional business practice is to consult creative agencies exclusively for creative strategies and to call upon consulting firms for business solutions. Often, this involved multiple agencies and half-baked solutions. However, the Heat + Deloitte Digital union is reimagining this model into a solution where both creative and business strategy comes from the same team, complimenting each other’s expertise and helping clients reach their ultimate potential.

Heat became a one-stop shop when they joined hands with Deloitte Digital to provide clients with a full-service solution to transform their brands.


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The Heat + Deloitte Digital union blends creative strategy with technological prowess and industry-leading business insights.


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The Heat + Deloitte Digital union blends creative strategy with technological prowess and industry-leading business insights. It’s on a mission to realize anything that the client imagines, at scale.

Enter Deloitte Greenhouses! A division of Deloitte, these Greenhouse labs are cutting-edge physical environments designed to accelerate breakthroughs. They help clients tackle their complex problems through one-to-two day interactive sessions.

At Deloitte Greenhouse labs, they address complex business challenges that clients face. By bringing together Deloitte and client teams, this program embraces listening, learning and innovation techniques through one-to-two day interactive sessions tailored to address the specific issue.

Even the toughest business challenges are solved thus with the convergence of behavioral science, design thinking, and strategy. Greenhouse labs describe it as “corporate innovation lab experiences promote experimentation in a controlled environment, guided by ambitious objectives.”

For example, companies that see a difference of opinion between their senior vs junior staff on adopting a new technology/ process are equipped by Deloitte Greenhouse to arrive at a convincing middle-ground and fix issues. Discussions with clients, vendors, and sponsors are arranged when there is a difference in opinion to accelerate insight-rich decision making.


“The way we ask a problem is as important as the question itself.”

Greenhouse Labs needed to collect data but found that their current system was sorely lacking. Their go-to data collection technique involved paper questionnaires with a dozen questions, 1-10 scale answer choices, and #2 pencils which just didn’t fetch them the answers they were looking for.

The labs were in acute need of a solution that would help them get straightforward answers from their audience. They needed reliable, actionable, and complete feedback from their audience to discover solutions to complex business problems. They needed a new tool.


Before long, Heat had zeroed in on a rather cool alternate data collection method - feedback bots. They were positive that the smarter tool would not only make the process easier but also effortlessly de-clutter the entire process. They considered a couple of feedback tools before narrowing down to SurveySparrow. The sleek UI and chat-like experience were charming enough to convince them that they’ve found their answer. And thus was born Verde - the Survey Bot launched for the Deloitte Greenhouse labs in October 2018.

“Verde is lovable, cheeky, honest, lively and thorough. Her questions are smart, varied and loaded with opportunity for users to share insights they might not otherwise feel comfortable sharing. Add the bang-up analytics dashboard and you have yourself a thorough picture that entertains.”


The Deloitte Greenhouse team is quite excited about Verde. The Chat interface added a new breath of life to their data collection process. The team designed an entire survey to resemble a chatty bot to make feedback collection all the more easy on their audience. And it worked, as their respondents gladly welcomed Verde to their midst!

Deloitte Greenhouse is now all excited and happy about their find- SurveySparrow, that fetches them meaningful results and wholesome answers. The quality of data they have collected using the tool has seen a huge upswing when compared to the responses they got from the traditional paper surveys. The chat-like UI and sleek appearance are apparently working like a charm.

SurveySparrow has indeed been a welcome change for Deloitte Greenhouse Labs.

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