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Are you looking for an AskNicely Alternative that’s not just an NPS calculator but an all-encompassing customer feedback software which makes your data collection process worthwhile? If yes, you are at the perfect place. With a couple of scrolls, you’ll get an idea of how SurveySparrow is the best AskNicely Alternative worth your every dime!

Here’s why SurveySparrow is the best AskNicely Alternative

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More than CX Platform

Any business requires its customers to grow and thrive. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that data collection tools have and are gaining increasing popularity each passing day. But when there is no dearth of customer experience platform these days, sifting the best one from the list is essential. Would you like to have a software solution that’s just a CX platform? With SurveySparrow, you get more than that. Want customer feedback software, employee engagement software, or market research software? This AskNicely alternative is more than an NPS tool and customer experience platform. When you are willing to invest, isn’t it better to bag a tool that solves all your feedback and data collection requirements?

AskNicely is focused only on net promoter score and CX. Anything else you need, then you may need to begin yet another search again. Time to switch to an AskNicely alternative like SurveySparrow?

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SurveySparrow’s survey solution caters to CX and more

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AskNicely is predominantly is all about NPS

The follow-up questions

NPS surveys are typically short and crisp. It contains an opinion scale from 0-10 which is usually followed by a question or two. With SurveySparrow, you can choose any question type to follow like the text-input or an MCQ, perhaps. The choice to craft the NPS survey is entirely up to you. AskNicely, on the other hand, leaves you with just a comment field as the follow-up question. Flexibility much! How can you dig deeper to find out how customers perceive your brand?

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SurveySparrow offers more than one follow-up question to know customers better

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AskNicely offers only a comment-field as a follow-up question


SurveySparrow comes with pricing plans that match the requirements of businesses of all kinds, across all industry. A run-through is all you need to know which plan is the perfect fit for your CX requirements. You can opt for the free plan to get a feel of the product before you make the purchase. AskNicely names the price based on quote.

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Well, is the tassel totally worth the hassle? Something to ponder!

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Ready to give a try? Switch to SurveySparrow now.

Would you like just a standalone NPS tool or all-rounder feedback collection alternative like SurveySparrow? Imagine if you’ve got to follow-up with customers (after knowing the NPS score), with an entirely different tool? Efforts, much! This is precisely why you need SurveySparrow- the best AskNicely Alternative.

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