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Conduct omnidirectional assessment for your employees using 360 Feedback Software

Omnidirectional Feedback.
Comprehensive, Conclusive.

Increase productivity & drive growth with 360 Reports

Analyze the 360 employee review reports and gain rich insights. Track the Assessment Status with filters like self-assessed, partially evaluated, evaluation complete, report pending, report ready. In the Feedback section, get question-wise responses for each employee and the overall results. Gain rich insights with our 360 feedback software.

Drive growth and boost productivity using custom employee 360 reports.

Customize your Employee 360 reports & emails

Add your company logo, style, and brand your employee review reports and 360 evaluation emails. Reflect your brand’s identity across- SurveySparrow doesn’t appear anywhere. Customize the Reports & emails just the way you want. Add new sections, manage the sections by sliding the score between the various reviews received, and send it to your employees using 360 feedback software.

Customize your Employee 360 reports & emails

Empower employees to grow as you do

Catalyze the personal growth and development of employees with 360 evaluations. Increase the productivity of your workforce by helping them become self-aware. The 360 employee review reports, thus, contain Strengths, Weaknesses, Blind Spots, and Hidden Strengths and are anonymous. Managers can guide on how they can grow in the Personal Development Plan with personalized comments & notes.

Empower employees by pointing out their strengths & weaknesses.

Conduct appraisals backed with performance reviews

Make appraisal programs just and fruitful by backing it up with 360 performance review data. Employ omnidirectional feedback to evaluate your employees. Understand the strength & weaknesses of employees, and equip your team to function better. Build a better work culture and a bunch of happy, passionate employees using the best 360 assessment tool.

Conduct appraisal backed by employee performance reviews.

Track assessment in employee portal

Readily use the employee portal, dedicated for each employee, to track all activities pertaining to your performance management in the 360 feedback software. The admin and managers can check the status of the evaluation and the open & closed tasks in the current plate of the employee. Make performance management with the best review software.

Track assessment in employee portal

Create a custom 360 degree feedback survey

Get started in no time with our out-of-the-box 360 feedback survey. The survey is divided into sections that cover key skills such as leadership, communication, ability to work in a team, staying organized, creativity, interpersonal skills, and alignment with the company. You can tweak the survey or use it as is; leadership assessment survey or employee 360 evaluation.

Use our custom 360 feedback template as such or tweak it.

Invite employee for 360 evaluation easily

Import employee data at one go using CSV or by integrating via Active Directory or LDAP. Add contact information of employees, their email addresses, and the type of evaluation they would perform. The review can be peer, Manager, reportee, or self. Share the invites at one go via email. You can set approvers for the review process who’ll accept/reject reviewers and reports.

Share employee invites easily using CSV or LDAP.

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